I’ve been living in Lima, Peru for a little over a month now, and in that time, my creativity has really taken a beating. This retrogression is especially unfortunate given that I am here in South America to create a documentary. I’ve shot some interviews and have quite a bit of B-Roll, and am continuing my (mostly directionless) work almost every day. Hopefully, I’ll get a bright idea in this area soon, though my main problem seems to be just that: my inability to create new ideas. My photos aren’t the quality I know they can be. My videos and interviews don’t break the surface. My sketches (or lack thereof) are worse than ever. Aside from going through this artistic lull, my written and spoken English is worsening every day. What career path did I choose again?

Enough of the complaining, right? I realized today as I was surfing the Web for ideas that I couldn’t sit around waiting for inspiration any longer. I have to find it, make it, go out looking for it. From now on, I will force myself to find some piece of inspiration every day, and, with any luck, my right brain will get a jump-start and I can go back to appreciating my own works, or at least working to improve them. These photos are from Day One of my artistic endeavor. Despite looking way too Gringa and Turista, I got some pretty good photographs of the bustling life and bursting colors here in the city. I’d like to get a bit more brave and get some photos of people — most Peruvians really hate the lens.

Pepe Cholo




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