Saturday night some friends and I had a Peruvian favorite, Anticuchos (beef hearts,) at a family’s home in San Isidro, Lima. We arrived at about 6:30 pm, and drank some of the family’s homemade Chicha, a malt-like beer made of corn. The drink was sweet and strong. After waiting for a while, Claudia’s mother Carmen arrived with the Anticuchos and everyone feasted. When she heard there were a couple of vegetarians in the group, she brought a huge helping of cheese, olives, corn, and the best bread I’ve ever eaten. We were in awe of the hospitality the family showed: they were so welcoming and warm. After dinner, Senor Choqueneyra brought out what seemed to be his best liquor for everyone to taste. Then, as if the family hadn’t done enough, he opened the bottle of wine some friends had brought as a gift for everyone to share. Here is the night in pictures:

Anticuchos, Papas, y Choclo

Claudia’s beautiful family

Claudia’s father, Senor Jartlen Lazo, laughing

Senora Carmen shows Steven a Chinese calender

Solomon pours Sinah a glass of Cusquena


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