This past weekend, I took a trip with my mom to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina to visit my little brother. My relationship with the mountains has always been rocky (pun not intended, but appreciated), as I enjoy the wildlife and the quiet, but am a horrible traveler. I get carsick easily, and the countless trips through winding mountain roads into Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky, as a child scarred me forever. This trip was no different; about halfway in, I was miserable with a migraine and nausea. Close to the park and about an hour from my brother’s residence, my mom and I stopped at Bald Rock. We followed the bustle of like-minded tourists and came across one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen.

Out on the rock, I could see for countless miles into the distance. Only trees and rolling mountains filled the land for as far as our eyes would stretch. At this moment, I forgot about my ailments and annoyances with traveling and fully appreciated the breathtaking view of the Appalachian Mountains. After the time on Bald Rock, I was rejuvenated and ready for rest of my trip. The organic apples I ate from the trees were great, and the visit with my brother was even better. I actually plan to return to the beautiful area again soon for some camping and recreation, maybe this time armed with some Dramamine.

I didn’t take this photo (I found out while preparing to shoot the landscape that my camera was broken), but I kind of like it. The camera certainly doesn’t capture the beauty of the horizon, but I’m sure even the most experienced photographer would find doing so a daunting task.

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